Heat Signature Wiki
Basic Data

Non-lethal melee weapon






Knocks people unconscious for the foreseeable future.


Long Dash Range
Dash 8 meters to strike a target

Rate of Fire

Slow Recovery
Can't swing again until 0.4 seconds after a successful strike.

The wrench is a melee weapon in Heat Signature, primarily used as a nonlethal weapon similar to the Longblade.


You can take my wrench from my cold, dead hands, and only really if you already have your own wrench.

Hold the button to aim your dash, release to strike.


  • A basic non-lethal weapon with a long dash range. Useful against lone targets, but requires shields or other kind of protection if you're fighting more than one person. The concussion hammer is an alternative with higher knockback but quicker recovery time.
  • It's possible to knock out a second person with the same wrench by swinging it at one enemy and then throwing it at another.
  • While the concussion hammer may be better at knocking people out in rapid succession, the wrench is very common, has a very low cost in the shop (only one acid), is available from the start in every galaxy, and has a low knockback compared to the concussion hammer. This means that not only is it easier to find a wrench, but it's easier to knock people out without having to worry about their body flying into view of an ally. Lower knockback also decreases the chances of knocking people out of windows into space, where they will quickly suffocate.
  • The frequency with which wrenches appear makes it possible to acquire several of them and using them several times consecutively.
  • It is possible to clear almost any room (Assuming no shields or armour on enemies) by using the dash length and pause to queue up attacks with wrenches not on a cool down.
  • For example, you can rapidly clear four guards using two wrenches.
    • Attack with both your wrenches, then pause and throw them at the remaining two enemies while they are on cooldown.
    • If the guards are also carrying wrenches, you can knock out two more guards by teleporting one of their dropped wrenches to you, attacking with that one, then throwing it at guard number six.