Theft is a mission type in Heat Signature.


The primary goal of a theft mission is to retrieve a specific item from an enemy ship located inside a cargo crate. This item does count as a space in your inventory, so be mindful of this if you enter the mission with a full inventory.


  • This missions are best for a character with equipment geared towards stealth; teleporting devices are especially useful.
  • The cargo crate may be behind a locked door, so you will either have to acquire the appropriate keycard, use a Subverter to subvert the lock or a Visitor to get inside.


  • When you find the item, save it to your station inventory, if it has a thin BLUE bar it means it's a limited use item & if you use it you risk making it disappear & you loose the mission (use simulation mode), however if it is a thin ORANGE bar then feel free to use it as much as you want because it recharges when you get to a station, I guess there could be a yellow bar or a "gold" bar too, but i have never seen any.
  • The targets of these missions are actually completely normal items, though with their descriptions hidden. These can be equipped just like a regular item, and will sometimes have very powerful effects. You can test them without the risk of using them up by experimenting in simulation mode; if they turn out to be useful, you can choose to keep them by simply canceling the mission.
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