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Turns enemy sentry guns to your side; inverts target shields, hack doors

All you need to know about Foundry engineers is that they made 'Allegiance' a variable.

Subverter is an equipment item in Heat Signature.


Makes turrets, shields, and other electronics work against their owner. Hold down the button to aim, release to subvert. Only uses up a charge if successful.


  • Excellent tool for enemy sentry guns, especially when you want to lock down a corridor or eliminate a good chunk of the enemy crew.
  • Note that Subverters also work on guards with shields: They now let your damage in, and prevent their bullets from getting out. It's very funny to appear in front of them and to watch them shoot themselves
  • Something to note is that Subverters also work on Jammers, causing them to placing a single subverted Jammer device before going into searching. Additionally with a long range or extreme range subverter you can subvert Jammer devices, causing all enemy electronics in it's radius to be crashed, this does include jammer gates, however it does not affect the doors themselves.
  • Subverting Jammer devices is very helpful when dealing with shielded glitch dash guards, as luring them with a gunshot allows you to crash their shields without needing to spend an extra crash or Subverter charge. This tactic is also useful if the alarm is already sounded or captain incapacitated and you'd like to deal with multiple shielded guards
  • Don't subvert Turrets if you have Pacifist clause.
  • You can also hack doors to open for you.
  • Any item you can subvert that is within the path will be subverted simultaneously, meaning you can subvert multiple items with one use.
  • Subverting an in-ship teleporter prevents reinforcements from getting in and means that a fleeing capture/assassination target will be teleported into space for you to pick up or leave to die.
  • You are able to subvert in-ship teleporters from the outside of the ship.
    • This means if you need to Capture or Assassinate someone and the Alarm makes them Flee, consider the following steps.
      1. Dock so you can see inside the ship. Find the teleporter.
      2. Undock and fly your pod as close as possible to the teleporter (easiest with the Sovereign Coldfire)
      3. Press T to space yourself. (Position your mouse to the direction where you'd like to be spaced)
      4. Subvert the teleporter while you're hurtling through space. (This may take multiple tries, so bring some guns to make sure you can direct yourself in space.)
      5. Catch yourself, dock back into the ship and raise the alarm. (Safest by shooting a Loud Gun inside your pod.)
      6. Wait for your target to be spaced. Catch them or let them suffocate in space, as necessary.
    • Note that during pause, when in space (not in your pod) you can mouse over the teleporter and it will give you information about it, including whether it's been hacked or not. The missing charge should also inform you on whether it worked or not.
    • Also note that this tactic (as of 14th Nov 2018) is not affected by a glitch-proof hull. This tactic is not only fast, but should give you a solid amount of glory points, assuming the correct combination pops up for you. This tactic works especially well within the constraints of Inventory Lock, since you only need a subverter and a loud gun.

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