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Stations are stationary variants of ships. Your home station, where the missions terminal is located, is always marked on the galaxy map. You begin in an unfriendly galaxy divided between the factions. However, as you complete missions against them, you will increase your liberation counter. Eventually, the strategy map will allow you to pick a new station to liberate.

Some liberated stations give you an upgrade, increasing the variety of goods available for purchase at shops, unlocking new pod types, or boosting your economy.


  • If detected onboard a ship, guards will sound the alarm and the ship will make a beeline for the nearest station. If it manages to dock, you are captured and that character lost (but maybe a later character will have a personal mission to rescue you ).
  • Starships that are not of a station's Faction will be shot at with missiles.


Inside a station there is:

  • A stash (where you can store items)
  • A practice terminal
  • A strategy map (for seeing the map)
  • A drop off point (for giving in items or people for a mission)
  • Job listing (for selecting missions)
  • Sader Fiasco
  • Shops
    • A pod shop
    • A gun shop
    • An explosives shop
    • A gadget shop
    • A miscellaneous shop