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Basic Data

Corporate nation

  • Uses lethal weapons exclusively

Sovereign is a faction in Heat Signature.


A corporation with a significant space presence, the Sovereign is absolutely ruthless when it comes to their bottom line. Their sleek, black and red space ships cross the stars ensuring their rights remain inviolate, while hired assassins ensure every problem meets a bloody end. Steal money? You die. Infringe on their space? You die. Cut in front of a minor executive while waiting to board a spaceship? You die.

But still, it's a company. For-profit, legally incorporated on every civilised world. Most governments get one planet, Sovereign has 35. First company to rank in the galaxy's biggest militaries. It's not a government, but it sure makes governments nervous. Perhaps the most aggravating fact is that the Sovereign are perfectly amoral. They make decisions based on profit, and they're brutally efficient. They've done a lot of good, toppled a lot of nasty regimes - most of the worlds they operate were in a real bad place before. But that's just coincidence. They did it because it adds up, and they do a lot of bad things when they add up too.

Moreover, the Sovereign aren't what they seem. They are, officially, ran by the board of directors. But they have to do what the stakeholders want, or they'll be voted off and replaced. So they have literally no autonomy. They just execute the will of the stakeholders, no matter what. However, people who buy stock in a company only really care about that stock growing. And since there are millions of them, with a million different ideologies and agendas, when it comes to how the majority votes it's one hundred percent predictable: maximise profit.

This is what makes Sovereign terrifying: When you face it, you are not facing a human or even a group of humans: You are fighting human nature. No one person, not even a group of people, but a cold, unthinking force that emerges from their collective behaviour and the structure they operate in.


Sovereign ships are very diagonal, with a black & orange theme. Sovereign ships are lethal, with all crewmembers armed with either shortblades, longblades, or variety of lethal weapons.