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Sentry Guns are turrets that will shoot intruders on sight. They fire only when intruders stand in front of it (indicated by its laser pointer). In some cases, guards will be in the same room as the turret, essentially cutting off part of the room the turret covers.


  • You can deactivate turrets by walking on top of them and pressing the use key
  • Pack a Crashbeam, a Subverter, an Emergency Shield, or a Stealth Shield when dealing with a turret directly.
  • If you want to avoid a turret, bring a Sidewinder or a Swapper.
  • If you stand in front of a non subverted sentry gun and get out the way, you can make it shoot a gaurd.
    • However doing this is very dangerous and not recommended.
  • Do not subvert Sentry Guns on Pacifist, Ghost, and Bloodless missions.
    • It's not recommended to subvert Sentry Guns on Silent mission, unless you are absolutely certain you can get away with it.
  • Subverted Sentry Guns will shoot any guard on sight, and change the laser's color from red to green when active.
    • You can lure guards into the line-of-sight of a Sentry Gun, where they'll be shot. However, Sentry Guns will have no effect on guards with shields.
    • Sentry Guns are able to penetrate armour, making them an effective way of dispatching multiple armoured enemies at once.