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The Personal Mission is a unique mission that each Defector may perform, representing a personal goal they have (e.g., rescuing a loved one). Characters with the Unambitious trait have easier personal missions.

This mission becomes available from the mission select screen after speaking to Sader Fiasco and paying her intel fee. The intel fee can be reduced by completing optional objectives in certain regular missions, which have Fiasco's portrait next to them on the mission select screen and describe the optional objective in the Mission Details tab.

Completing a Personal Mission allows you to retire one of your character's items when you retire the character. You will be able to give the item a custom name, and you or your Steam friends may find that named item again in the future. Retiring an item does not appear to increase your chances of finding that type of item; it just means that the item may randomly spawn with the custom name. In addition, the objective a character completed for their Personal Mission will appear in their list of feats in the Living Legends screen after they retire.

Failed or aborted Personal Missions can be re-attempted as long as your character is still alive and did not do something to make completing the mission impossible (for example, killing a target they were supposed to capture or rescue). It may not immediately appear again in the mission list, but it should show up again after taking and completing/aborting different mission.

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