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Offworld Security
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Basic Data

Literal police state

  • Uses non-lethal weapons
  • Provides shield and concussive weapon upgrades
Life isn't yours to take. When you kill someone, you override every choice they were ever going to make, all the good they could ever do. It's an irreversible loss of unknowable magnitude.

But it's OK to break their arms?

That's fine, yes.

~ Geneva Stonelock, describing Offworld Security philosophy.

Offworld Security is a faction in Heat Signature.


While most of the other factions in the Drift are involved due to the acid, Offworld Security came in the interest of enforcing the laws of a nearby planet which is laying legal claim on the Drift. Because their goal is explicity to come in, maintain the rule of law, and stop there being so many deaths in the region, they are extremely averse to any form of killing, and though physical violence and torture are entirely acceptable as long as it doesn't result in a corpse.


In line with their general philosophy, they do not use the normal guns that everyone else from Soverign to the Glitchers use, instead sticking to concussive guns, meaning that facing them won't result directly in your death. However, they will throw you out the airlock if they catch you just like everyone else, so you will still die if you don't rescue yourself with your pod.

Offworld Security's ships and stations are somewhat of a sharp contrast to the aesthetics of the other factions; unlike the dark grey metal and light-ish floors that most stations and ships use as a major building material, Offworld's tech seems to be made out of some white plastic-like material accented with glowing blue panels with ships having dark floors that resemble roads. Comfort also seems to be a major concern of Offworld shipbuilders, as their ships boast grass-lined corridors and wood paneling on the floors of some living areas and the cockpit, and given that the aforementioned grass seems to grow pretty well, it is likely that the ships are lit using artifical sunlight as opposed to normal lighting. Additionally, their ships are somewhat triangular in design, resembling stealth bombers.