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Missions are the primary source of money for you. There are several mission types and clauses that combine to make each randomly generated assignment a special one. Missions add to the liberation meter. Additional personal missions exist as well.

Tips and tricks[]

  • Make sure to carefully consider any missions you choose to accept: look at if the guards will have armor or shields, and bring weapons and gadgets that deal with these accordingly.
  • Be especially sure to look for Warzones (which indicate an attack with soon happen on the ship), time limits for completion, and the size of the ship, all written in the mission's main description.
  • Clauses can be a great way to boost your money payout for a certain missions, but make sure you're equipped to deal with them! Note that you can always complete the mission, even if you've failed the clause, just for a reduced payout.
  • Some missions will have a red icon beside them: these indicate that there is intel regarding your character's personal mission on-board. These are invaluable to get, as even if you fail the mission, as long as you access the terminal, you still will get the information and the cost decrease to start their personal mission.