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Liberation is a mission type in Heat Signature. They are unlocked by liberating 10 smaller stations of the same faction.


In this mission type you have to fight your way to a bridge of a siege ship and set course to a enemy fortress, and then get the hell out afterwards because when the ship arrives at the station it self destructs to EMP the stations defenses.


  • Liberation missions will always be on the mission board, so accepting and aborting the mission is a good way to reset the mission list.
  • You just need to get to the bridge so don't bother knocking out or killing anyone. For setting course to the Stronghold you just have to control the captains seat, nothing else.
  • The brick is a good ship for the mission, as you can slam it right into the room next to the bridge and can enter the bridge directly.
  • When you are done setting the course, don't wait for the ship to arrive at the station but GET OUT of there! You'll otherwise be killed by the explosion of the siege ship.


  • Liberation missions are required to complete the game.
  • There are a total of 4 required missions that have the Liberation missions type. Though more can be unlocked (see note 4).
  • After the ship arrives at its destination a congratulation screen pops up. It is not possible to pause the game for some seconds when that happens, which can lead to your character being captured if you board another ship.
  • In "Gameplay and Difficulty" options, the "Liberations assist" option can be toggled to either missions, characters or off. This is the only way to play liberation missions after liberating all 4 strongholds.