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Basic Data

Nomadic army

  • Uses teleporters and confusing ship designs

Glitchers is a faction in Heat Signature.


Stranded in the galaxy after a teleportation experiment that went awry, Glitchers are professional soldiers who live a mostly nomadic life, crossing the void on cobbled-together starships. They have neither the elegance of OffSec, nor the opulence of Sovereign. Instead, they have the technology that brought them here: Teleportation.

The experiment sent the Glitchers across the galaxy, leaving their planet defenceless and their fleet stranded three and a half thousand light years from home The fleet adapted: their short range glitch tech was beyond anything the rest of the galaxy had ever seen, so they could jump in and steal whatever they wanted from passing shipments. It was the weirdest war. Everyone's terrified of their hyper-advanced fleet, and the fleet merely wants the basics to survive - and allows anyone to join their collective.


  • The Glitch are an interesting group of people, with an eclectic set of challenges. They commonly use teleporters, lethal weapons, and ships tend to have bizarre, confusing design reflecting their scavenger nature.
  • Glitcher starships have three to four clusters connected by passageways. This means they can be very vulnerable to attacks by captured ships.