Glitch trap

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Glitch trap
Basic Data



Teleports enemies in radius of effect.

Glitch trap is an equipment item in Heat Signature.

Description[edit | edit source]

Places a trap at your feet that teleports enemies to the location you clicked. Can't teleport people into solid matter, but can teleport them into space.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • When you first enter a ship, place a Glitch trap just in front of the air lock & target empty space, if you later in the mission is knocked unconscious & is carried to the same airlock then the guard will be teleported to space & you are safe (probably reduces death timer with 6 seconds, if you have Offworld Angel then it's better to be spaced), if you need the glitch trap in another place later in the mission then you can just teleport it to you from the inventory menu.
  • A very useful gadget for getting rid of enemies who can't be hurt by other means. Place it, click somewhere out in space to set the location, then lure the enemy onto it and watch as the armored/shielded guard suffocates in space.
  • Has good synergy with a Swapper. While standing on a trap you can quickly teleport instead of waiting or luring enemies onto it.
  • Unconscious bodies can also be teleported with a Glitch Trap, making it possible to use them to assist in Rescue/Capture missions.
  • In capture missions, you can directly teleport your target into space and capture him by pod, not necessary to knock him out in advance.