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Make like a gunslinger.

The gun is the player's ranged weapon. Unlike the wrench, there are multiple types of firearm scattered throughout the target ships that can be looted.

Firearms are ineffective against ballistic armor or shields worn by guards (if not stated otherwise in the gun's description). Armor-piercing guns require AP ammunition, which is significantly rarer than regular ammunition.

List of Firearms[edit | edit source]

Non-lethal[edit | edit source]

Type Basic Quickfire
Concussive gun
Concussive Gun.png
Concussive shotgun
Concussive Shotgun.png
Concussive shotgun big.png
Concussive rifle
Concussive Rifle.png

Concussive weapons are energy weapons manufactured by Offworld Security, firing non-lethal rounds. Unlike the lethal firearms below, they require no ammunition - they hold a maximum of 16 shots in the battery, and automatically recharge when you return to a friendly station.

Lethal[edit | edit source]

Type Basic Armor piercing Quiet Silent Quickfire Automatic Mixed
Ap gun2.png
Quiet Gun.png
Quiet + Quickfire
Ap gun.png
Super shotgun
Ap gun.png
Silenced Gun.png
Ammo Normammo2.png Apammo.png Normammo2.png Normammo2.png Normammo2.png Normammo2.png Normammo2.png

Lethal weapons require ammunition; either regular ammo, or AP ammo if they have the Armor Piercing quality. Regular ammunition is easy to come by (every gun comes with 12 rounds, unless you find an heirloom) but armor-piercing ammunition is very rare.

Qualities[edit | edit source]

Unless otherwise noted, these qualities can be found on both lethal and nonlethal firearms.

Guns cannot normally penetrate heavy body armor. Armor Piercing guns can, but lethal ones require AP ammunition. Certain concussion guns may also possess the ability to pierce armor, but such weapons are very rare.

Guns are normally quite loud and will alert guards when fired, but there are two levels of suppression - Quiet, and Silenced:

  • Quiet guns can only be heard by guards in adjacent rooms, and the sound doesn't pass through walls or closed doors. Noise Radius: 1 room.
  • Silenced guns can only be heard by guards immediately adjacent to you. Noise Radius: 1 meter.

Guns can also be Quickfire or Automatic:

  • Quickfire guns have only a 0.3 second delay between shots.
  • Automatic guns will fire as long as the trigger is held down. The delay between shots is roughly equal to that of a Quickfire gun.

Pistols cannot be Automatic, but may have Quickfire. Shotguns and Rifles can be Quickfire or Automatic.

Rifles dropped by Trackers are High Velocity. These lethal rifles never have any other qualities, but the bullets travel incredibly fast and send targets flying back.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • With silenced guns, it's worth mentioning the tactical trade-off. Silenced weapons will not attract guards distant guards, allowing better stealth, however, this also prevents you from luring guards into traps.