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This page lists special environment features found onboard ships and stations, as well as their gameplay implementations.



  • Engines: When shot with lethal force (pistol, shotgun, rifle), the engine glows for three seconds before exploding and destroying the room. This ejects anybody in adjacent rooms, kills whoever is in the room, and provides an additional area for your pod to dock. If all engines are destroyed, the capture countdown ends, and the ship is no longer drivable.
  • Windows: When shot, the room undergoes decompression, shooting anybody in the room into space before sealing up. This is a good place to make an escape or to remove a large group of guards. Note that you must be carrying your capture/rescue target in order for both of you to be jettisoned out of the room. Also you can walk or throw people through the force field as it isn't made to stop objects
  • Terminals: When used, it opens all locked doors with the terminal's security rating or lower.
  • Heat Sensors: When powered down or destroyed, the ship will lose its ability to detect you.
  • Cockpit: If the pilot is killed, knocked unconscious, hit with a thrown object, or glitched away from the control chair with a Swapper or Glitch Trap, the Alarm will do nothing and the capture countdown will stop. In addition, all sensors cannot detect you anymore. If there are no enemies left, you may pilot the ship.
  • Crate: Holds a random weapon or gadget or explosive.
  • Locked Doors: Prevents passage to you (unless you have a keycard with a rating equal or higher, or you use a Subverter to hack them), but allows all guards to pass through it.
  • Telepads: Allow reinforcements to arrive and targets to escape. Subverting prevents reinforcements and sends escapees into space. Using it yourself sends you into nearby space.

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