Heat Signature Wiki

Contractors are unique enemies that appear on harder missions. There are four different varieties:

  • Defenders: A contractor who generates an impenetrable, uncrashable, unhackable shield for all guards near them. The only way to bring these shields down is to take out the Defender, who only has a conventional shield.
    • A Defender is armed with a concussive, automatic, loud shotgun. The weapon is worth 8 acid, so it may be worth sending to your stash.
  • Jammers: A contractor who moves through the ship installing jamming devices that prevent any of your gadgets from working while you're inside their square of effect. The field also scrambles incoming teleportation, so glitching into it is not advised. The jamming devices can be destroyed up close if you can get to them. Crashing a Jammer prevents them from placing any more jamming devices; subverting makes them place green jammers which crash all enemies in their range but not you (subverting already placed device also hacks it).
    • A Jammer carries a simple loud gun, worth 2 acid.
  • Trackers: A contractor with specialized sensors that track your exact location on the ship at any range. They will hunt you relentlessly, their reactions are instantaneous, and their high velocity rifle is virtually impossible to dodge. Watch for the red tracks leading to you. Crashing a Tracker disables their sensors, subverting scrambles them.
    • The High Velocity Rifle is loud, and unique in that the bullet has no travel time to its target, much like turrets. It can be sold for a few acid.
  • Predators: A contractor searches for interlopers within a wide radius around them. Step into their pulsing sensor range and they will instantly detect you, teleport to you, and kill you in the same move. Shields don't help, their blade is already in you when they glitch. Crashing a Predator disables their sensor and teleporter. Subverting causes their teleporter to malfunction, glitching them into space.
    • Each predator carries a Crashblade, which functions just like an ordinary longsword except for one special feature: the first time a Crashblade is used against a shielded guard it will crash the target, shutting down the shield. Each Crashblade has only a single 'crash' charge, after which it only ever functions like a normal longsword. It sells for a reasonable amount of acid.