Concussion hammer

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Concussion hammer
Concussive Hammer.png
Basic Data

Non-lethal melee weapon






Knocks people unconscious for the foreseeable future


Long Dash Range
Dash 8 meters to strike a target

Rate of Fire

Quick Recovery
Swing again almost immediately after a successful strike.

Offworld won't kill you, but the Concussion Hammer will make you wish they had.

Concussion hammer is a non-lethal melee weapon in Heat Signature.

Description[edit | edit source]

Powered non-lethal melee weapon with startling knockback. Hold the button to aim your dash, release to strike.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • An excellent non-lethal melee weapon that can be effectively used in melee. Note that it throws the target back a good deal. Take that into account, so that it doesn't fly into view of another guard, or smash a window.
  • Extremely useful in missions that require capturing a target or have the Bloodless clause.
  • Paired with a Slipstream, the Concussion Hammer allows for quickly clearing an entire room with ease, given that none of the crew have any armor or shielding.
  • Use more than one hammer (4 is a nice number) & switch between new hammers while recently used ones are on cool-down, to quickly dispose of lots of guards (pairs very well with slipstream)