Heat Signature Wiki

Clauses are a special element of missions, providing additional wrinkles in Heat Signature 's gameplay. These Clauses are unlocked when stations are Liberated, and are strictly optional. If you fail the clause, you do NOT fail the mission: you'll just get less money.


  • Bloodless: You may not kill anybody except the target. This means, however, that you can still knock anyone else out.
  • Silent: You cannot raise any alarms. Kill or knock out guards before they raise the alarm, and make sure you aren't knocked out.
  • Enigma: You cannot have any living witnesses. This means either never being seen or killing everybody that has seen you.
  • Pacifist: You cannot knock out or kill anybody except the target.
  • Ghost: You cannot be seen and you cannot kill or knock out anybody.


  • Bloodless
    • When possible, avoid guards.
    • Do not use lethal weapons- opt for Concussive Hammers, Wrenches, and Concussive Guns.
      • Even in Assassination missions, this option works. When you bring the unconscious target back to station and drop him off, he/she is executed.
    • Do not vent people into space. Oddly enough, environmental kills or having the enemy kill themselves or each other doesn't seem to count against the Bloodless count.
  • Silent
    • Avoid guards like the plague. If that is not possible, kill them or knock them unconscious.
    • Don't use explosives or loud weapons unless the guards are very far away.
    • If possible, kill/knock out the Captain.
  • Enigma
    • Don't be seen. If that fails, murder the witnesses. If you feel bad about it, spacing them works.
  • Pacifist
    • Hurt no one- don't hit anyone with a melee weapon, don't shoot them, don't space them. This is similar to a Ghost playthrough.
  • Ghost
    • Cannot be seen, hurt anyone, or raise an alarm.
    • Stock up on Stealth Shields, Sidewinders, and Keycard Cloners.