Heat Signature Wiki

Capture is a mission type in Heat Signature.


The goal of capture missions is to bring the selected target back to a station alive/unconsious.


  • Capture targets look and act like normal enemies, they will shoot you on sight and can have perks such as shields, so you should check the mission board to see if any of the enemies will have shields and prepare accordingly.
  • It is recommended to bring a weapon capable of knocking enemies unconscious (weapons with the concussive trait) as to complete the capture the target must be alive.
  • If you can not afford a concussive weapon look at the enemy weapons to see if they have a concussive gun or wrench that you could take from them.
  • The capture target does not need to be knocked out if they are launched out of a broken window or glitch trap teleported into space and can be picked up. This is a good strategy if you do not have a weapon that has the concussive trait.
  • If the target is launched into space an Offworld Angel pod might aid in catching them before their oxygen runs out.
  • If the ship with the target on it is in a warzone openings may be blown up into the ship that provide easier access to the target. You can see when the opposing ship is coming in the top right of the in inventory.
  • The Brick is a great pod to have to cut off having to travel through the majority of the ship if the target is far away from airlocks.


  • Capture missions are one of the six mission types. Liberate, Capture, Assassinate, Hijack, Rescue and Steal.
  • No defector missions accessible by the strategy map are the capture mission type.