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Assassination is a mission type in Heat Signature. They are the only type available from Sovereign.


The purpose of this mission type is to kill an NPC abroad a ship. If a mission is Bloodless or otherwise prevents you from killing an enemy, it will specifically make an exception for your target.


  • Lethal weapons are the simplest way of completing these missions, but more creative players can use gadgets like a Glitch trap or an Emergency shield to deal with a particularly nasty target, or just trick them into venting out a window and letting them die in space
  • If you only have non-lethal weapons than you can throw the unconscious body of the target out of a window
  • The target is sometimes a boss type enemy and may be differently prepared than other crew members
  • Unconscious crew members can killed in the pause screen, but you must be in close proximity to do so.


  • You can actually still bring the target back to a friendly station while they are unconscious and complete the mission.
  • Characters with Bloodless Vows are still able to complete this type of mission. Knocking your target unconscious and bringing them to a friendly station does not count as killing them.

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