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Alarms are sounded by guards and other crew members if you are spotted. Alarms are a Bad Thing[citation needed], as they cause the ship to head for the nearest station and dock. If they succeed, you are captured and the game ends for your current character. Other characters can rescue your character afterwards if they have the personal mission to do it. Alarm may also make the Target flee via the Telepad, shorten the time for a mission, or bring contractors on the ship.

Guards will sound the Alarm under a few conditions:

  • If they see you or a body and their red bar fills, they will begin to call Alarm. When they finish saying "INTRUDER!", or "BODY!", the Alarm will begin.
  • If they hear any gunshots or explosions, they will sound the alarm after saying "GUNSHOT!"

There are three ways to disable Alarms:

  • Kill, Knockout, or Displace the Captain (the Pilot).
  • Destroy all of the ship's Fuel Cells.
  • Disable the Telepad (if the alarm is Target Flees or Reinforcements)


  • Missions will tell you how long you have to escape an alarm.
  • You will completely fail some missions if you set off an alarm.
  • On missions where a time limit is already imposed from the very beginning, having the alarm sound will decrease the Capture Timer even further. Be especially cautious on these missions, or make sure you prioritize the pilot first.